Aquavision is honoured to count creative, talented people as contributors to be represented in its extensive library.

We offer the opportunity to showcase your works in an international context – which can be a very simple, satisfying way of putting money in your pocket. Choose your best shots, label them appropriately, submit them to our Archive, and then wait for good news!

The Library

Established in 1992, Aquavision TV Productions has earned its reputation as the preferred African producer of blue-chip natural history and cultural documentaries for the International broadcast market. We are globally recognized for filming extraordinary animal behaviour, both underwater and in the untamed African bush.

Aquavision’s stock library houses a unique and comprehensive collection of over 17 000 hours of High-Definition and UltraHD 4K+ broadcast quality footage. All footage accepted by Aquavision is made available to buyers worldwide for searching, preview and licensing.

Prospective Cinematographers and Videographers

Thank you for your interest in allowing Aquavision to represent your Motion Footage. We are always looking to represent new, high-quality footage from professional natural history and cultural Cinematographers and Videographers, who have an established collection of footage and are able to make regular submissions. This document contains information about the library and submission guidelines.

Motion Footage Content

Natural history and Cultural footage are rich in subject matter and we want our footage collection to be comprehensive and unique. We are looking for staggeringly beautiful motion footage that captures the natural diversity of all the world’s countries, natural history and cultures: from the major tourist attractions to everyday scenes, from remote landscapes to the interiors of homes, from popular destinations to little known places off the beaten track. Festivals and people, food, flora, transport, communications, architecture, and landscapes are just some of the many subjects we are looking for.

Regardless of the style of your motion footage, it should be of extremely high quality. Commercially oriented work should be professionally shot or recorded and carefully chosen. Please use your good judgement in selecting your clips, and submit only those clips that are likely to be commercially viable.

Benefits of Representation

  • Access to leading International Producers, Broadcasters and Production houses.
  • Access to a Global Marketplace of Buyers who will be able to search for, preview and purchase your motion footage.
  • We will vault your broadcast quality masters in access and climate-controlled facility.
  • We will input content and format information for your footage into our database.
  • We offer opportunities to advertise and showcase your material designed to bring business to your doorstep.
  • We offer a fair and attractive Non-Exclusive representation agreement.
  • 50% Commissions on All Sales. Simple, straightforward and very competitive in the stock industry.
  • As your clip portfolio grows, this can mean regular, ongoing income from a relatively small initial investment of time. You receive a detailed statement of sales.

Agreement Period

The online library requires a major investment in equipment and time. As such, we require a commitment to represent selected footage for a minimum of 5 years.

Licensing Fees and Payment

Cinematographers and Videographers receive 50% of Third Parties Rights to Use licensing fees. Payments are made quarterly.

Sending a Submission for Consideration

In order for our Librarian to accurately assess your work:

  • A first submission must consist of a minimum of five 10 minute clips.
  • This must represent the range of your collection’s geographic and content coverage.
  • Place footage from each subject in a separate folder.
  • Please indicate any key behaviour that you captured.


We would also like to know a little about you, so please include answers to the following questionnaire with your image submission.


  • Name
  • Business Name
  • Address
  • City
  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Website
  • How long have you been a Cinematographer or Videographer?
  • Please give us an overview of your collection (countries & subjects)
  • Do you specialise in any particular subjects or country?
  • What is the approximate amount of footage that would be available for exclusive representation by Aquavision?
  • What period (in years) does your collection cover?
  • Do you currently have stock with any other agencies? If so, which agencies?
  • How did you hear about Aquavision?


Contact and delivery details
Aquavision | Natural History Media
PostNet #552 Private Bag X29
Gallo Manor
South Africa

Tel: +27(0)11 275 0900/1

Please note:
All footage submitted for review should be available for representation and therefore should not currently be exclusively represented by any other archive or agency.

  • If we are interested in your work after reviewing your first submission, you will be required to re-submit that footage as high-resolution files for a technical assessment before a contract is offered.
  • Any submissions will not be returned but will be destroyed if not successful.